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Inflammation and the Host Response to Injury Program researchers are leading the way to new knowledge about the role of inflammation in trauma and burn injury. By profiling gene expression changes and other white blood cell molecular markers, scientists hope to identify an injured patient's fate: either recovery or multiple organ failure syndrome (MOFS). The research program hinges on enrolling well-controlled populations of subjects to provide the blood and tissue samples necessary to investigate the genomic and proteomic information that may predict clinical outcome.

The patient-oriented research centers identify patients with severe blunt trauma or burn injury, based upon strict entry criteria. Program researchers focus on a cohort of subjects at high risk for MOFS and death, documenting data describing injury severity, the development of organ failure, and ultimate clinical outcome. Throughout the course of hospitalization, program scientists adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for enrolled injured patients. Clinical outcome data are integrated with proteomic and genomic data gathered through the other core programs.

Trauma Research

Burn Research